Does Herbal Approach to Breast Enhancement Really Work?

Female breast is a body part that both men and women place emphasis on. Oftentimes, a bigger breast is considered more attractive. While there are also many people of both sexes who do not share this opinion, breast enlargement is in high demand all over the world.

There are many reasons why a woman may decide to look for a way to increase her cup size. The major considerations include:

  • The desire to look more womanly.
  • The desire to distinguish from other women around her.
  • The desire to look more attractive and seducing to men.
  • Due to a popular notion that a bigger breast means better capability to bear and breastfeed children.
  • Under the pressure of the mainstream public opinion and trends.
  • The desire to look like a celebrity (unfortunately, this kind of image is actively promoted by media nowadays).

No matter what actual reasons are, the woman has to choose a breast enhancement method she will apply. Like mentioned on natural remedies based on herbal ingredients are a widespread solution that many resort to. This way is primarily chosen by those who want to adhere to natural products providing the highest safety possible. You do not want to sacrifice your health to the elusive beauty. Additionally, using herbal products helps avoid side effects or allergic reactions. And of course, there are no risks pertaining to any kind of surgical procedures.

While the product selection is really vast, most manufacturers use the same herbal ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at the major ones.

herbal breast enhancement

  • Dong Quai Root. This plant substance is known to boost progesterone synthesis in the female body thus improving the breast cell condition in an absolutely natural way.
  • Blessed Thistle. This herb promotes better blood flow and lactation.
  • Dandelion. This plant contains phytoestrogen, which balances hormone levels and promotes tissue growth.
  • Fennel. Being rich in phytonutrients, it effectively helps make the breast bigger.
  • Red Clover. It contains Genistein, a phytoestrogen able to boost breast growth.
  • Fenugreek. The composition of this substance stimulates prolactin and estrogen production in the female body.
  • Saw Palmetto. Its berries, due to their composition, help control excessive testosterone, a male hormone preventing breast growth.
  • Wild Yam. A number of phytonutrients it contains trigger the growth of breast tissues.

All the abovementioned ingredients are 100% natural and safe. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to make sure the product you are about to buy has all the necessary approvals and certificates from relevant regulators (like FDA in the United States). Overall, herbal remedies used for breast enhancement are by far safer than any surgical manipulations. In terms of expenses, natural solutions are superior too. Probably the only drawback is that you have to wait a couple of months until a feasible result comes. Taking into account all the above, however, it’s worth waiting.

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How Testosterone Affects Female Libido

There are numerous testosterone medications out there now. These gels, creams and patches are sometimes marketed as remedies to treat low sex drive in women who are in their menopausal or post-menopausal period. Pre-menopausal patients are occasionally prescribed this approach too. Obviously, this is not the way you may decide to go on your own. As it involves hormonal medications, a visit to your doctor should be the right starting point. testosteron

But even prior to consider this option seriously, one should understand what the menopause is and how accompanying negative effects can be smoothed. In this regard, women should be aware of the fact that menopause-specific changes in their body involve significant alterations of hormone levels, such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Studies show that testosterone levels after the menopause are, on the average, 38% lower than they were before it. Maintaining proper levels helps keep sexual performance and sex drive, avoid excessive vaginal dryness and get rid of depressions that oftentimes accompany women during this stretch of their life ( ).

What the Market Offers

Unfortunately, there are almost no women-oriented testosterone products on the market now. This is because testosterone is a male hormone, so products of this kind are created primarily with men in mind. To fill the gap, vast research is to be conducted to find out how all those medicines and supplements can affect the female body. With no study results available, FDA cannot endorse a product for wide use.

Advantages of Testosterone Treatment

Many medical specialists claim testosterone treatment can effectively boost libido in women, improve their sexual reactions and make them enjoy sex during this period of life. Vaginal dryness can be successfully removed, which adds to the pleasure experienced by both partners.


Testosterone, especially when used at elevated doses, can provide certain side effects. Patients may report acne, excessive hair growth, voice change, baldness etc. So it is extremely important to consult a doctor and let them determine the right dosage.

Another point of concern is the lack of scientifically grounded data on how safe this kind of treatment is for female patients. This makes potential threats and risk groups vague. While there are some encouraging evidences of momentary successes, we still cannot know any potential consequences of continuous use of testosterone-based products by women. Specifically, how this substance affects our cardiovascular system is still to be investigated in frames of serious clinical studies.

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How Expensive the Breast Enhancement Is?

Beauty comes at a cost. To look better, many women are willing to pay heaps of money to further improve what the nature bestowed them. The goal is to be even more attractive to men. Making the breast bigger is one of the most popular corrective procedures. Is it affordable to anyone or only to celebrities? Let’s find out.

Available Options

There are several breast enhancement techniques to choose from. Silicone implants are considered to be the fastest and the most effective method of breast shape correction. While fraught with certain risks, this surgical approach is in high demand.

Breast lift, aka mastopexy, is another way to go. It is primarily recommended to women suffering from breast sagging or elongation. This is a less invasive procedure than the previous one.

Breast enhancement pills constitute another approach, which perfectly suits those who would prefer a natural and non-invasive method. The additional advantage is that the patient avoids almost any side effects. Once made the right choice, you may expect a good result within several months. Healthy diet and lifestyle can boost the effect.

breastHow Much Does It Cost?

Time is money. Breast implants are the fastest and the most expensive option. The associated costs can reach several thousand dollars, depending on a number of factors. Let’s discuss some of them in more details. Please, note that these variables are manageable, so everyone can choose what suits their budget.

  • 1. Doctor’s fee. Obviously, a surgeon’s salary may vary significantly based on their level of expertise, experience in plastic surgery, the number of visits required etc.
  • 2. Hospital. Each hospital or clinic sets its own rates, which depend on the location, equipment available, medical care package, ward type etc. How long you stay at the hospital will also affect the price you have to pay. Meals, cotton balls, lab tests and many other tings should be paid on a daily basis. Anesthesia accounts for a significant part of the treatment bills too.
  • 3. It goes without saying that breast implants cost money, and quite a lot. The price depends on the material, manufacturer and quality.
  • 4. Medications. Apart from medications and tests required while you stay at the hospital, you will be prescribed to take some drugs at home – both before the procedure and during your recovery period. The same refers to pre- and post-treatment lab tests.
  • 5. Miscellaneous

Be ready for some extra expenses, which do not fall in any of the above categories. They may account for up to 10% of the total costs.

You have probably noticed that all we have mentioned above refers mainly to surgical breast enhancement options. This is because the calculation is by far simpler when it comes to topical pills. In the latter case, all you need to add is just the price of the product itself and a couple visits to your doctor to receive a professional advice prior to start the course. Obviously, this option is much cheaper as compared to the surgery, which makes it really affordable to everyone. The low level of risks only adds to the advantages.

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